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A Mediterranean restaurant hosting exquisite and surprising tastes…

The heart of Casa Lavanda beats here! A refreshments workshop equipped with a professional team and supplies is working to try-out and discover. Refined Mediterranean Cuisine is re-interpreted with worldwide and Turkish local tastes in À La Carte and Tasting Menus.

The natural, additive-free and the freshest ingredients for our recipes are purchased from producers following extensive research. Many special ingredients such as Black Trumpet Mushroom (Trompette des Morts) picked up in Ulupelit and surrounding villages, daily fresh Mullet from Şile Harbor, Fresh Artichoke Heart from Çeşme, "Small Chestnuts" from Zonguldak, special breed village spring chicken from Sakarya, foie gras from France, Ithaca Olive Oils produced by Mr. Atıf Erke in Edremit turn into delicious tastes in our kitchen.

The Chef of magical tastes: Emre Şen

The autograph of a chef who has adopted perfectionism as his working principle is behind the tastes of Casa Lavanda: Emre Şen. Having graduated from Italian High School and starting studying architecture in Italy, Emre Şen has inclined to Gastronomy by honoring his mind and feelings. He attended Professional Cookery and Pastry Education at Culinary Arts Academy. Afterwards, he worked with Mehmet Gürs at Istanbul Mikla and Master Chef Maurilio Garola at Italy Treiso. Today, he prepares his own menus in his own kitchen.

Chef's Spice Garden has a particular importance. Spices such as Thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, lemon grass, lemon balm, sage, tarragon, basil, purple basil, and chive decorate your dishes with a private touch and a private taste specific for each season.