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We are located in Ulupelit, only a 45-minute drive from Istanbul, hidden among the oak, pine and beech forests; where the tranquility, joy and happiness grow by sharing.

We have discovered Ulupelit Village approximately 20 years ago. We said, "this is where we would like to live", when we felt that this village, featuring this magical environment, take its visitors away from the city and make you forget the time and space.

As family enjoying traveling, we are inspired by our memories collected during our excursions and the flavors still lingering. With our enthusiasm for discovery, commitment to the nature, and the desire to share the beauties, we have realized Casa Lavanda, an environment where nice feelings are experienced and grow by sharing.

We have shaped our service quality in line with our understanding of life quality. We have aspired after offering calm, tranquilizing and a plain relaxation complementing Istanbul and addressing the urban people's everlasting longing for the life in nature.

We have commenced our services at Casa Lavanda in 2010. We have paid ultimate attention to make Casa Lavanda, spreading on 18.000 sqm greenery zone, compatible with the natural structure and eco-system, and to use authentic architecture and interior design elements.

Featuring 14 very special suites, we have used all-natural materials, in our hotel, particularly stone and wood. We have prioritized using materials derived from natural and renewable resources and renewable energy resources while making no concessions of comfort in both indoors and outdoors.

As Casa Lavanda being a family business brought along the good taste being the top priority for us, attention reflected on every single detail, and the determination of always pursuing the better.

A produce of our dreams, Casa Lavanda became an all-family business when our son Emre joined us as the Chef upon completing his gastronomy education.

Our family:

  • Feryal Bodur Şen: Graduate of Austrian High School and Istanbul Fine Arts Academy, Department of Painting. She designed industrial ceramics for 26 years. Today, she does the honors for the guests of Casa Lavanda.
  • Ahmet Şen: Graduate of Istanbul Boys' High School and Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. He worked in the field of tourism and hospitality management for a while. He is still employed at his company exporting home textiles.
  • Emre Şen: Our Chef. After graduating from Italian High School, he started his architecture education in Italy. However, he inclined to Gastronomy by honoring his mind and feelings. He attended Professional Cookery and Pastry Education at Culinary Arts Academy. Afterwards, he worked with Chef Mehmet Gürs at Istanbul Mikla and Master Chef Maurilio Garola at Italy Treiso. Today, he prepares his own menus in his own kitchen. He manages Casa Lavanda now.
  • Ekin Şen: Younger brother of Emre. He studies at Koç University. He helps his older brother in his spare time. He also has plans of taking responsibilities at Casa Lavanda in future years.